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Self Portrait & Alter Ego



The project brief was to create a self portrait inspired by one's favorite song and also create an alter ego of one's personality.

Input & Learning

• I created the concept line based on the song Come by Jain.
• I combined the elements of the song with my personality traits, hence developing the composition and elements of the image.
• The alter ego also was also created by  identifying my personality traits and hence developing the traits of my alter ego.
• The composition and elements of the image for the alter ego was also based on the identification of the traits.

This project helped me use studio lights to create and depict moods and personalities for various kinds of visual content.


Self Portrait

Quiet yet tense,
An innocent miss.
With corners dim,
I sure do grin.


Alter Ego

Known to read and write,
Never knew I could also bite.
Modern, decent and honest,
Lives in me an Aboriginal lady Monist.

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