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Image Management



The project brief was to choose a client and understand their personality while studying the body features and creating five looks for their daily activities based on their aspirations.

Input & Learning

• I started with studying the client's body features, lifestyle, psycho-graphics and aspirations and creation of a client board.
• I then worked on the looks by categorizing the activities and finalizing them down to the following: Sleep wear, Casual wear, Festive wear, Party wear and Beach wear.
• I sourced the garments and accessories for the looks accordingly.
• And the shoot was hence planned based on the looks and garments.

This project helped me understand the processes that are undergone for creating the visual content for image management and how styling comes into play for the same.

Image Management: Projects
Pyjama Party
College Casuals
Festive Occasions
Vacay Mode
Saturday Parties
Image Management: Gallery
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