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Hunter Beer

Social Media Content Creation


The project brief was given through a presentation along with visual references, creative copy and post copy, while creating content for Facebook (social media) based on the social media calendar plan of the month, approved by the client. The content was majorly divided into three sections - brand  promotion, product promotion and occasional promotion. Three templates for the same were to be finalized before proceeding with the content, which would then be approved before posting on Facebook.

Input & Learning

• I started with basic layouts for templates for three major kind of posts- Brand promotion, Product Emphasis and Topical/ Occasional posts.
• I then looked for the images as per the visual references given.
• Followed by editing the necessary beer bottles and the color of the beer for each image of the posts.
• And made necessary edits required for creating GIFs where necessary.
• I then worked on the final layouts for the posts.

This project helped me understand how the social media marketing works and how the role of each creative come into action.


Template Sketches

Finalized Sketches for Templates

Finalized Template

Template 1

Brand Promotion

Finalized Template

Template 2

Product Promotion

Finalized Template

Template 3

Occasional Brand Promotion

Posts for July

Posts for August

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