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DND Mosquito Repellent

Ad Campaign


The brief was to create creative advertisements for the given client which can be sent as an entry to advertising awards. And before creating the said advertisements, a week of research was done on how and what kind of advertisements crack through the nominations and win awards. Any media or medium can work as long as it is creative.

Input & Learning

• I started with a week of research on ads and the recent winners of Cannes Lions.
• I then started listing down ideas that would crack through.
• I shortlisted a few from them and sketched for further review.
• And then worked on the overview of the execution.

This project helped me understand how the process of creating an advertisement starts and develops in each stage. I learned how many ideas and concepts are sketched before one is finalized.

Sketches for GIF

Frame sketches

The sketches describe the frames and the timing for the animation concept.

GIF Animation


This is the proposed GIF for the ad campaign across digital and social media.

Sketches for Poster


The sketches for three posters depicting the fast action of the mosquito repellent.



This is the draft for the 3D rendered mosquitoes in the posters.
All Rights Reserved to R K Swamy BBDO.

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