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Camlin Ink

Packaging Design


The project brief was to recreate an existing packaging of a product below the price of Rs. 50, while starting with the specification sheet of the actual product, the die-line which is followed by the prototype of the final outcome.

Input & Learning

• I started with the specification sheet wherein I studied the actual packaging of the product.
• I then looked for lag in information & changes required in the current packaging.
• I also modified the structural packaging while keeping the form intact.

This project helped me understand how packaging of a product is designed based on its functionality and use, and how symbols, icons and index come into play in terms of visual content and design of a product.

Specification Sheet

spec sheet.jpg

Packaging Dieline - 1 & 2

Dieline 1
Dieline 2

Packaging Prototype 1

Packaging Prototype 2

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